Smooth McGroove Offers New Update on The Future of His Channel

“The last couple of years on YouTube have been really…funky,” starts Smooth McGroove before launching into an explanation of where he’s been and what he intends to do. The VGM a capella sensation continues the video by thanking his fans and Patrons for their support before breaking down his current Patreon reward tiers. “There’s going to be a mix (of music) coming soon,” promises Smooth. “Retro video game stuff, new video game stuff, non-video game stuff.” There’s a palpable sense of excitement emanating from Smooth as he boasts that he’s working on a new studio to accommodate the upcoming season of Smooth McGroove covers. For fans who have been waiting patiently for this past year, this has to be music to their ears. As for myself, I’ll simply say this: welcome back, Mr. Groove.