Multiplayer 4: RESCUE Review

Think of this album as a sampler plate, allowing the listener to try a little piece of delectable music before moving on to the next bite.

The Basics

Multiplayer 4: RESCUE is the latest album from Multiplayer Charity, the charity branch of Materia Collective. The album features thirteen tracks from a variety of games, including the Okami, Star Fox, and Legend of Zelda series. All album proceeds will benefit NY Wolf, an organization dedicated to preserving the endangered wolves of North America and generally promoting the awareness of wildlife conservation.

My Take

Before I begin this review, I must admit my own personal bias when it comes to all things Okami. I’m a huge fan, and I consider it the best Zelda game to date. With that out of the way, let’s dive in, shall we?

It’s difficult to review an album like this, because there really isn’t a coherent musical theme here. This album pulls from many different games, creating a smorgasbord of sounds, moods, and textures. Look no further than opening track “Star Fox de La Banda” for an example of the aforementioned smorgasbord. Despite the wide variety of genres and soundtracks, the album flows incredibly well, and the album runs much shorter than previous Multiplayer albums (minus Spirit). This shorter length provides a consistent, albeit a little uneven, listening experience.

Almost every genre is represented here from metal to mariachi, so even if one track doesn’t suit your tastes, the next will likely pull you back in. Of course, I particularly enjoyed the Okami tracks, so let’s talk about those for a bit. BillytheBard11th infuses his signature metal tones into the whimsical “Prologue,” adding an unexpected section of throat singing. David Russell takes a more traditional approach with “Reset,” but it’s no less effective than Billy’s take with some rousing piano arrangements. Still, the crème de la crème of the album has to be “Tribe of the Heavenly Gods” by Kristin Naigus. If you didn’t know this was a cover, you would probably think it belonged on the Okami OST. While that might not seem like a compliment to some, it’s a testament to her skills as an arranger, producer, and a musician.

Of course, there are plenty of other tracks to enjoy on the album aside from these three, but I’ll let you experience those for yourself. While it’s difficult to identify a singular musical theme or concept for the album, the sheer diversity and talent on display means that everyone will likely have a different experience, and isn’t that the point of albums like these? Think of this album as a sampler plate, allowing the listener to try a little piece of delectable music before moving on to the next bite. At just over 42 minutes of music, this album is well worth your time and money, especially when you consider that it’s all for a good cause.

Favorite Tracks

  • “Prologue”, “Reset”, and “Tribe of the Heavenly Gods” from Okami

  • “Star Wolf de La Banda” from Star Fox 64

  • “Route 113” from Pokémon Ruby and Sapphire

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