Nintendo Planning to Release New Version of the Switch in 2019

According to a recent Wall Street Journal article, Nintendo is planning to release a new version of the Switch next year. To date, the console has sold almost 20 million copies, but sales have been slowing down, and releasing an upgraded console would be a good way to invigorate sales and fans alike. Interestingly, few details exist about which hardware and software upgrades are planned for the new Switch (which I will call Switch XL for now). All that is known is that the Switch XL will be compatible with existing software titles. Despite Nintendo’s commitment to the 3DS, the Switch XL may spell the end of the hand-held console. A top executive in the industry said they were waiting for a “clear message” from Nintendo about how the Switch XL will affect the 3DS.

I think many people saw this move coming from a mile away, myself included. The lack of basic online features (Netflix, voice chat, etc.) suggested that Nintendo might revisit the hardware and software designs of the Switch at some point in the future. The Playstation 4 Pro and Xbox One X have been moderate successes, and while some might bemoan having to pay for an upgraded console, I think it’s good for the industry in the long run. Here’s hoping that the Switch XL lives up to it’s potential (please, Nintendo, give us longer battery life!).

For those (like myself) who can’t read the article, a kind redditor posted it here (click on more comments to read the whole post):