Isn't This Brand-New Instrument Lovely?

Musician and teacher, Keith Groover, shows off his new instrument the Glide in this Stevie Wonder cover. While the Glide is similar in many way to a theremin, there are a few key differences, which he relates here:

It has some similarities to the theremin, but it's built around the accelerometer, and not proximity. It's a subtle difference, but the impact is really big in practice.

Plus, it is code based, not electronics based, so the potential for design possibilities is significantly higher.

Also, there's a wire going between the two controllers, but it connects to the synthesizer via Bluetooth.

Keith has also released a tutorial video and an unveiling video. You can reserve your very own Glide today for $100.

Something tells me that this instrument could be a hit for VGM cover artists. Hey, if you can make otamatone covers entertaining, why not make Glide covers?