Deltarune Chapter 1: On Piano Review - Keys to Determination

Toby Fox, you’ve done it again.

Deltarune Chapter 1: On Piano is a set of piano-driven EPs created by Torby Brand based on Toby Fox’s soundtrack for the indie title DELTARUNE. The titular RPG is a semi-sequel to the 2015 acclaimed UNDERTALE, containing over twenty songs in its first chapter alone.

what’s special?

While Torby Brand's works are part a great wave of fan projects that exploded with the game's release, the two EPs contain fantastic reworkings of the game's soundtrack that no fan should miss. While tracks like "Before the Story" open with somber piano and strings, Torby combines his talent with other musicians such as Tremendouz, Earth Kid, and myself (Ro Panuganti). The inclusion of punchy dance/rock stylings in "Field of Hopes and Dreams" or "Rude Buster", as well as a warm vocal performance from Earth Kid on "Don't Forget" make for a unforgettable, albeit short listen.

For those new to Torby Brand, the Norwegian pianist is a veteran video game musician having credits on the AM2R project, actively participating in the Pixel Mixers remix community, and recently released a beautiful Minecraft arrangement album as well!

Making a EP Fast

Part of the fascinating story behind Torby Brand's Deltarune: Chapter 1 EPs is their quick development.

With a little bit of help, I was able to create Part 1 within the week, and I was also able to test how quickly I can produce content.

Even in a short period of time, the passion behind the project carries through and speaks wonders for Torby and his collaborators ability to arrange, collaborate, and produce top-notch music. Both discussing with Torby and purely listening to the discussions about the game’s soundtrack with arrangers have given me amazing insight - something about this game and its fans sparks a flame and got musicians like Torby working to create incredible tributes. From the dark retelling of backstory in “Legend” to the exciting, bouncy overworld theme “Field of Hopes and Dreams”, the two EPs truly serve to convey emotion and tell stories. My only lingering desire is to hear more, and given the excitement surrounding DELTARUNE we are definitely in for it from Torby and more.

I absolutely recommend this album to pianists, DELTARUNE/UNDERTALE fans, and even more so creators looking for inspiration. Musicians, Torby is certainly one to keep an eye out for.

Both albums are licensed and released through Soundrop, with original artwork drawn by Neal Anderson. Guest artists include Ro Panuganti (myself), Earth Kid, Tremendouz, and Moonbike.

Favorite Tracks

  • Don’t Forget ft. Earth Kid (Part 1)

  • Friendship (Part 2)

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