Geeking out to Pokemon with GuitarGeek25's Crisp Covers!

Having trouble catching a shiny in the new Let’s Go Pikachu/Eevee titles? Looking for the ultimate leading guitar tone capable of bluesy warmth and bite? Veteran VGMer GuitarGeek25 has captured the essence of both with his charming take on Ecruteak/Cianwood City from the franchise’s Gold/Silver/Crystal games. While the guitarist cites a variety of influential arrangements of the same song, it’s clear that GuitarGeek25’s own brand of fiery blues-fueled solos, bumping basslines, and of course that crispy Fender Stratocaster tone has evolved his cover into something entirely special.

In addition to GuitarGeek25’s work here,he has been churning out a series of fantastic covers utilizing an upgraded camera and audio production tools since his previous works. While there was a heart-wrenching hiatus between his return, it is clear that he’s put effort into coming back with style, panache, and polish. Everything from DELTARUNE to comedy-rock band Ninja Sex Party is getting his rock treatment, and given the pace of almost 2 songs a week there is little in his way. Don’t miss out - it’s time to geek out.