Final Fantasy XV's Campfire Song, sung by a One-Woman Choir

While many game enthusiasts like me did not expect to see Ben E. King’s R&B classic “Stand By Me” in a Final Fantasy XV video, today’s Daily Dose is a pleasant surprise of a One-Woman Choir cover from Psamathes (her arrangement taking after the Florence + The Machine version featured in the game).
Unlike ordinary performance videos, the singer and experienced arranger of video game tunes used footage from the game’s campfire scenes to suit the mood. The song is rightfully a catchy singalong perfect for a nice warm gathering of friends, and Psamathes herself has cited the game’s focus on friends and feels as inspiration. The arrangement features a mixture of her soaring vocal control, range, and expressive lead singing that many from the VGM and Pixel Mixer remix group are familiar with.

I am so thankful to this game for giving me A LOT of feels, amazing music to listen to and learn from, crazy outfit mods to try out, and most importantly: friends! I met some incredible people in this fandom and this is my way of showing my appreciation for all of this.

The layers of impassioned vocals during the reprise while the video features characters slurping noodles and chowing down is my favorite moment. Another unique aspect of this cover is that Psamathes released it on Youtube Premiere, a new feature that enables creators to release videos with a live-chat system. This really opens up fans and friends to react in real-time to the fun of a video, discuss favorite scenes as they happen, and Stand By Me (Camp Version) was no exception: Kind comments, discussing the process of capturing game footage, and excitement at every turn. I hope to see both today’s Daily Dose creator and more taking advantage of this theatrical release style and celebrating each video that much more. Stand by Psamathes whenever you’re in trouble.

Enjoy the track everywhere on your favorite streaming service/retailers.