Sailing the Synthesized Seas with Zelda's Wind Waker

As the specially chosen “Zelda Month” comes to a close, we as a gaming community are gifted incredible gems, fan art and works dedicated to this incredibly adventurous series, and no gem quite caught my eye like Ace Waters’ Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker Title Theme arrangement. The musician, utilizing the crowd-funding Patreon, asked his supporters to choose this final song to be arranged, and oh did they choose. Today’s Daily Dose is a stunning, synthesizer-fueled rendition with moving melodies, masterful inclusion of dozens of instruments, and that signature Ace sound where the arrangement breathes like a mighty Goron at nap time.

Ace chose to open, as he often does, with a select few instruments and analog synthesizers that tease the song’s central key just before he dazzles with the main melody on piano. Stick with the peaks and lows of each carefully-recorded track, and Ace brings out the countermelody on a more aggressive and excited patch. Bring in his percussion pattern, simplified enough to keep the waltz (3/4) musical meter in tact, and you’re suddenly gliding the seas beautifully. If you feel Ace is a keyboardist at most, think again as he strums vibrant 12-string acoustic guitar and performs on a modified Nintendo Gameboy to implement chiptune. Many musicians can track dozens of layers, perhaps in an untamed messier affair, but Ace clearly controls each incredible element.

You can check out all of Ace’s Free EP containing all his Legend of Zelda works from this November on Bandcamp, containing tracks from the series’ Majora’s Mask, Breath of the Wild, The Adventure of Link, and Skyward Sword. Follow Ace Waters on Youtube as always for more fantastic music, and have a wonderful rest of your Zelda Months!