Smashing the Life out of Smash Bros. Ultimate's Theme

A jazz-fusion take on Super Smash Bros. Ultimate new theme song “Lifelight” by Pokerus Project and MaripaPls

Today I’d like to bring to light a very unique take on the popular new theme song to Nintendo’s all-star fighter Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. The Chilean multi-instrumentalist Pokerus Project arranged a fantastic jazz fusion version of “Lifelight” using the fluttery and downright awesome vocals of MaripaPls to carry out the theme’s English lyrics. The arranger is no stranger to progressive and unique stylings, having recently won the Game-On Challenge 2018 (A contest I ran for the game arranging community this year) for his ground-breaking “Song of Storms” cover. While the terms “jazz fusion” can describe a variety of music styles coming together, the general vibe is a mix of rock and roll, progressive rock with a ripping organ/guitar solo towards the middle, and a general sense of swing that gets you up and dancing.. or smashing.

Enjoy the funky fresh styles of Pokerus and MaripaPls while you keep grinding Classic Mode or the Super Smash Bros. Ultimate story mode to unlock those characters.. after all Everyone is Here!