A Boss Bossa-Nova Cover from Kingdom Hearts

Today we are greeted by a very smooth arrangement from the famed Kingdom Hearts series: Eric L. brings us his take on “Namine’s Theme” from the portable installment Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories. Eric combines his tactful use of bossa-nova rhythm, a very cool Brazilian style of music/rhythm that is an absolutely marvelous backbone for his trombone playing and talent on piano as well. The melodies soar with brassy grit, while his skill on the instrument as a soloist shines towards the climactic solo spots. Perhaps it’s the warm feelings of winter speaking, but Eric nailed it with his anything-but-cold approach to this classic.

Eric L. is a multi-instrumentalist Youtube musician with plenty of experience creating his own video game arrangements, collaborating with a variety of talents both within and outside the jazzier sphere, recorded his own album based on the game Persona 5, and has participated on the Multiplayer Charity album “Multiplayer 4: RESCUE”.