Sax and the Kirby - A Story of a Quartet Cover

Today we bring to light a magical cover, brought to us on Subversiveasset’s unique VGM channel in which we are greeted by a mixture of saxophone-driven arrangements and special stories. Our primary arranger tends to combine his love of video game lore and narrative into his own pieces, but for this video we were greeted by his “co-conspirators” Gamer of the Winds, Sab Irene, and Insaneintherainmusic who performed Soprano Sax, Tenor Sax, and Baritone Sax respectively. The result is a playful combination of these differently-ranged instruments, each singing a complementary line that somehow meshes into a one force.

The unique narrative that Subversiveasset tells us comes from his alternate storyline from the game Kirby: Canvas Curse, where a girl encounters the character Drawcia Sorceress inside the “Another Dimension” part of the game. As per his format, the bottom subtitles tells the story through dialogue and visually-rich description. The song introduces bass and percussion swiftly as the characters meet and the stranded girl of the narrative discovers more about the unique world that both Kirby: Canvas Curse and Subversiveasset wove together.

In addition to his stylized “Cover Stories”, you can check out more Subversiveasset on Youtube and find his work across the Pixel Mixers and GameLark communities.