I'll have a large Frappe Snowland - Extra guitars!

It should be no surprise that December lent itself to loads of cheery songs, end-of-year feel-good tunes, and oh so many winter covers in Video Game Music. Today we get Frappe Snowland, a raceway full of flurries, fast beats, and a marriage of acoustic guitar, distorted rock-driven ones, and some fantastic synth/piano work from Mohmega. A veteran to remix group Pixel Mixers, the talented multi-instrumentalist has tackled a variety of games in a fairly faithful, albeit distinct signature approach - gravitating closer to the hard rock and fusion genres.

The cover opens with a unique nod to the source game, Mario Kart 64, featuring the racing classic’s countdown right before the song gets started. We see acoustic guitars take the lead briefly, along with ever-present piano and synths that cradle it along. Finally we see the real punches come through with the rock-driven chorus, a modulation to keep things spicy, and a fairly fusion-friendly guitar solo! While Mohmega champions his arrangements to be quite close to the original in heart and structure, these additions were fantastically welcome and helped position his tune as one to remember this winter season. Note that the track was also arranged for the Pixel Mixers December Contest, a monthly event where video game music enthusiasts arrange their favorite winter themes for some friendly competition and collaboration!

Given his beautiful videography, care for mixing and performance, and overall polish, it’s definitely one of the most wonderful channels of all.