A Cinematic Forest Experience with Patti Rudisill

The video game cover community, a growing group of passionate musicians working their way through the medium’s cavalcade of classic tunes, often takes more than a week to create their content. These music videos, performances and otherwise, sometimes take form beyond the bedroom, beyond the simple camera work, and beyond the plainer arrangements. Take today’s special Daily Dose, “Korok Forest” from Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild by veteran violinist Patti Rudisill, and you’ll see just how phenomenal these videos can get with a bit of time and attention.

I’d like to begin by noting that our arranger began months ahead with prop-creation, ranging from the Breath of the Wild tunic and dozens of Koroks and masks you see adorned and spread in the video. While much of the video is Patti’s solo violin performance, with piano accompaniment, she uses carefully-timed breaks to showcase fun and faithful scenes of exploring a forest as one would in game. Everything from the Princess flower from the game, to using a Sheikah Slate “phone”, and of course ultimately retrieving the Master Sword from its pedestal is here. By showcasing the creative process in the last months, Patti has sufficiently stirred interest on social media for this very carefully-crafted video. From a videography point of view, there’s also a great mix of wide shots showcasing the forest, close-ups and B-Roll of the various props and flora around, and the video has a really good complementary scheme of greens and of course the blue violinist standing out from the background!

Patti is definitely not new to the video game cover scene, having arranged a variety of tunes from the Legend of Zelda, Octopath Traveler, Super Mario series and more. You can find her works on Youtube, Spotify, and additionally she has collaborated with dozens of other musicians in the scene. Take some notes VGMers, this is definitely a cinematic stand out track.