A Pokemon Tribute Worth Rubies & Sapphires

I would be sorely shamed if I did not write about the efforts of Dr Pez, along with his incredible slew of guests, as they take you through a gorgeous and sonorous journey from Pokemon Ruby & Sapphire. The 3rd generation of Pokemon games are clearly a favorite of our featured artist, who collaborated with fellow VGMers Marc Papeghin, Kristin Naigus, Doug Perry, RichaadEB, Insaneintherainmusic, Dian Ollison, and Tegan Gallilee-Lang to create a multi-genre experience. Calling the majority of the medley “rock” would be a disservice to his usage of banjo, brasswork (provided by Marc Papeghin, a frequent collaborator of Dr Pez’ large-scale medleys), woodwinds (courtesy of Kristin Naigus of Project Destati), and so on.

While a variety of artists have tackled the game’s soundtrack with energy and merit, Dr Pez truly makes a remarkable experience. Visually, the multi-instrumentalist employs his signature black backdrop to isolate the main performance. While this remains “home” for the video, his collaborators add color to the medley with their own studio looks - in addition, Dr Pez has mixed evocative grading for a familiar cinematic bold look and special effects to complement certain track choices. Between his interpretation of “Gym Leader Battle” and “Trainer Battle”, we see very 70s-friendly neon lights outline his videos (possibly a green-screen effect) and shortly after we revisit the whirlwind of blistering guitar solos guest RichaadEB is known for.

It is truly an admirable feat to record 17 minutes of music, let alone thoroughly original, yet faithful, interpretations of signature Pokemon tunes. DrPez knocked out out after months and months of planning, teasing on social media, and clearly editing up the final product! If you’re still hungering for more, check out his Ocarina of Time Medley, Pokemon Colosseum medley, and more!

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