Persona 5 for the Consoul(s)

What’s even better than 1 video game musician? How about an entire band?! The Consouls, a fantastic jazz/fusion unit from Sydney, Australia, dazzled today with their fantastic jam of the critically-acclaimed Persona 5 dungeon theme "When Mother Was There”. A unique track, it traditionally plays throughout a pyramid that symbolically represents a major character’s own dark thoughts and feelings. Naturally the band’s repertoire and style rips with emotion and suave attitude.

The arrangement starts with a gentler drum stick-pattern, courtesy of Mark Joya, and keyboardist Zorsy (a longtime veteran of game arrangements) sparkling in warm electric piano vibes. Joining the rhythm is the tender Double-Bass from Jonathan Gamrah. As with many of their covers, The Consouls create stellar solo spots for saxophonist Tim Teylan who absolutely soars during the arrangement’s climactic middle. The tradition of trading solos around a head is nothing new to jazz musicians, yet to the vibrant world of game covers it feels as fresh and stream-of-conscious as it must be in their hands.

Watching The Consouls, especially as a long-time fan, is extraordinarily inspiring. The group has a flurry of arrangements from the last few years in living room settings and static cameras - this video shows immense growth with moody crimson lighting, well choreographed camera angles and stability, and an altogether crisp and pro-grade mix. If you somehow have not given your heart up to the Phantom Thieves yet, this one is for you.

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