VGM Contest! Chill Out to 2019 with Soundole!

Wow! Let’s fast-forward to May 1st, 2019! GameLark Gazette has been on the look out for fantastic video game music, as well as its community events! There might be no better occasion than Soundole’s Chill out Cover Competition 2019 featuring the curator of chill himself Soundole. This competition, the second iteration of its kind, encourages entrants to write relaxed, chilled out arrangements of any video game track within the month! Additional rules are listed in the video.

Entrants are eligible to win in 5 distinct categories, praising the audience’s choice and video production skills in addition to the musical qualities. These chilly musicians will also be evaluated by Soundole and his team of judges including orchestra-arranging veteran Laura Platt, the jazz multi-instrumentalist Insaneintherainmusic, and progressive rock artist/article author Ro Panuganti. Featuring a slew of active community-leaders, experienced yet diversified artists, and the optimistic spirit one finds on Soundole’s channel, this competition will bring out the warmest and most soothing tunes from our favorite games.


  1. To enter, make a cover of a piece of video game music in a relaxed, chilled out style (that can mean whatever you want). It must be uploaded to youtube, publicly. Video production is recommended, but not required (it can just be a still image with audio over the top, if that's all you're comfortable producing).

  2. Maximum length 7 minutes. Medleys are fine so long as they're under that time limit. Sorry if your masterpiece is longer, but I have to put a cap on the time that judges will spend listening! Much shorter is also fine (your track won't be judged as 'better' just because it's longer!)

  3. Entry closes on 23:59, EST, May 31st, 2019. Your video must be uploaded and shared with me by then, because judging will start straight away. Make sure to use #SoundoleChillOut2019 or share with me via twitter, facebook, or email (my email is on my 'about' tab on my channel).

  4. One entry per person. If you're producing multiple tracks during this time that fit the bill, submit the one you think is best! Also, it has to be a track that you are releasing in May, so no submissions of existing tracks, please.

  5. There are 5 distinct winning categories: 1st, 2nd, 3rd (judged by myself and 3 judges), Audience Choice (a poll will be held after the end of the competition), and Video Production. Previous winners are welcome to enter the current competition. Judges of the current competition are ineligible, but judges of previous competitions may enter, too!

  6. Prizes for all of these categories will be packs of books\sheet music\records that I put together personally for the winners, coming from the stock of Da Capo Music (

  7. Collabs are fine, so long as you figure out amongst yourselves what to do with a single prize if you win!