The Velvet Records - A Persona 5 album sure to steal your heart!

Even two years after its release, the phenomenal Persona 5 RPG continues to inspire fan works with its cool acid jazz and its slick use of eclectic J-rock stylized numbers. Leave it to Jeri 'Mohmega' Navarro to take advantage of this soundtrack, throwing his absolute best guitar and piano performances into the ring with The Velvet Records.

The album introduces a collection of well-known and lesser-known tracks from the Persona 5 soundtrack, all the while providing fresh but familiar arrangements" Mohmega has not only blown away the internet with hundreds of thousands of views on his Persona performance-videos, but has impressed us with the sheer quality of his work. Jeri has incorporated strong bokeh and color schemes into his studio shots, giving a very moody stylization to his performances. The musician brings the bluesiest of guitar work to classic ballads like "Beneath the Mask" and "Sunset Bridge", but can dive into harder hits including "Layer Cake", "Willpower" and "Price" that have you up and moving.

Though The Velvet Records is his first album, Mohmega has been releasing high-quality, and often very faithful recreations of video game music since 2016. "Crafting this album has challenged my skills as a musician and producer" states Jeri on his hefty production.

[This album] has also taught me not only how to form polished songs, but also how to make songs work hand-in-hand, and to create a fluid collection of tracks

Rightfully so, Mohmega's song choices follow much of the game's use of each track - "Wake Up, Get Up, Get Out There" featuring another fantastic artist Psamathes on vocals, opens up the entire album and game. Shortly after we are introduced to more upbeat, but not aggressive tracks "Tokyo Emergency", "Beneath the Mask", and eventually the driving shop theme "Layer Cake".

You can pick up "The Velvet Records" on iTunes, Spotify, and more!

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