Chrono Trigger Album Between Earth and Sky soars beyond time!

A lovely vocal EP breathing new life into Yasunori Mitsuda's classic soundtrack with jazz, ballads, and metal by operatically-trained soprano Julia Henderson


From her acapella arrangements of Legend of Zelda’s most signature tracks to her stunning collaborations on voice, flute, piano, and more, Julia Henderson is an unstoppable musical force. Her latest creation is nothing short of inspiring and breath-taking, featuring six tracks crafted from the Chrono Trigger soundtrack. Julia not only honors these retro game tunes with her true-to-original arranging, but expands them into sultry jazz performances, exciting hard rock performances swirling with choral ecstasy, and much more. Just as you can shed tears in wonderment of the mellow “Corridors of Time” and “Schala’s Theme”, you are eligible to jump out of your seat and shout along to “World Revolution” - the latter hosting a fantastic array of guest vocalists and exhilarating moments at every turn.

"Chrono Trigger's soundtrack has personally touched me more than any other, and I know there are many others with similar emotional connections to both the game and Yasunori Mitsuda's soundtrack" - Julia Henderson, on the music of Chrono Trigger

Julia’s passion for both music and Chrono Trigger embody the entire album, as well as her unique title choice. "My concept and the reasoning behind the album's title, Between Earth and Sky, was to highlight the physical, emotional, and metaphysical journey that the characters undertake as they discover the truth about the end of the world, experience the end of time itself, and defeat Lavos. Most importantly, Crono's friends throughout the game all come from different eras and lands. Thus, Crono finds a greater common purpose along with the unlikeliest of allies, including a robot, a princess, a frog, and a demon king. This theme echoed my collaborative efforts, as I involved many musicians and non-musicians who all share a love for Chrono Trigger and its music."

Julia’s ability to collaborate truly shines in Between Earth and Sky, as the album features a powerhouse line-up of guests including Tera Catallo, Carlos ‘Insaneintherainmusic’ Eiene, Patti Rudisill, Lorenzo de Sequera, Marc Papeghin, and a crowd-sourced group of string players and vocalists for the final track “World Revolution”. The album is additionally mastered by Alejandro “AHmusic” Hernandez, a frequent engineer to the VGM community, and features gorgeous art created by Lorenzo de Sequera to suit the powerful contrasting themes and colors of the album.

There's a little something for everyone across this amazing musical journey through time and space. Between Earth and Sky is now available wherever digital music is sold:

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About Julia Henderson

Julia Henderson is a Canadian-born soprano, multi-instrumentalist, composer/arranger, and audio engineer. With an undergraduate degree in Classical Voice Performance, and a master's degree in Music Technology and Digital Media, Julia combines her skills to arrange, record, perform, and mix music from a growing variety of videogame franchises. Although her instruments of choice are her voice, flute, and the piano, Julia is always looking to incorporate other instrumentation into her arrangements, such as guitar, percussion, and synthesizers. As a classically-trained singer, Julia's music is heavily influenced by both classical and contemporary vocal and choral compositions, however, Julia loves exploring other genres such as rock, jazz, funk, and metal. Since 2015, Julia has been featured on 15 full-length albums, has released two officially-licensed solo EPs, and has published over 40 music videos on YouTube. 

Julia has been fortunate enough to collaborate with several incredible artists and friends within the videogame music community and thinks that music is at its best when made with others. In addition to performing and creating, Julia loves teaching all things music and has been doing so for over a decade. 

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