GameChops Releases Poké & Chill

The follow-up to Mikel’s excellent album, Zelda & Chill, Poké & Chill features 16 tracks spanning across the Pokémon franchise. You won’t find many battle themes here as the emphasis is on the Chill, although there is a particularly cool rendition of “Trainer Battle” toward the end of the album. Other fan-favorites appear on the album including “Pokémon Gym”, “Hau'Oli City”, “National Park”, and “Lavender Town”. While I’ve only worked my way through about half of the album, it’s very apparent that Mikel’s production skills have improved as everything is crisp and clear as an autumn morning. I can happily recommend this to both Pokémon fans and stock traders as the chilled-out vibes are sure to bring a smile to many, many faces.

You can purchase/stream the album here on the platform of your choice or you can watch the YouTube Premiere when it goes live (in approximately 4 hours).