Top Grooves from July 2019

July wasn’t just a hot month for us in the Northern Hemisphere; it was also a hot month for video game music covers! Here are five of my favorite VGM tracks from the month of July (in no particular order).

Daniel Capo - 7 AM (from “Animal Crossing”)

Daniel Capo’s charming Animal Crossing cover started the month right with oh-so-groovy synths, delectable cinematography, and the funkiest of rhythms. This is the kind of jam that’s perfect for Saturday mornings.

Christian Richardson - Confronting Myself (from “Celeste”)

The prodigal son (Christian Richardson) returned with a massive (and I mean MASSIVE) cover of “Confronting Myself” from Celeste. If anything, this video proves that Christian hasn’t lost his edge; in fact, he’s stronger than ever.

Steven Morris - K K Cruisin’ (from “Animal Crossing”)

One of the best tracks from Steven Morris’s recent EP (Relax’N), “K K Cruisin’” sees Steven in party mode with a sick vocoder joining his signature instrumentation. Here are the lyrics for anyone interested: “Nami o, me o~ Kwe Kwe Mina o~ 🇮🇹MEATBALL x4🇮🇹 Nami o, me o~ Mina me me o~ 🌽Corn Ette🎺 O kwe me Kwe me me x6 🇮🇹MEATBALL x4🇮🇹 Kwe me me x6 Oooooooh~ (unghhhh) 💋Whistle💋 🎹Electric Pianna Solo🎹 💫Key Change💫 🎸Guitar Solo🎸 🚀Outro🚀”

FamilyJules - Mii Channel

What’s better than musical chairs? Musical instruments, of course! FamilyJules, insaneintherainmusic, Zorsy, and Adrisaurus join forces to create this tour-de-force cover of “Mii Channel”.

Patti Rudisill - The Color of the Summer Sky (from “Secret of Mana”)

I dare you to find a happier VGM tune than this Secret of Mana cover by Patti Rudisill. Every time I listen to this track (I’m now in the double digits), I can’t help but smile, making this the perfect summer soundtrack.

Honorable Mentions

I asked on Twitter, what were some of your favorite VGM covers from July, and here’s what you all had to say!

Chromatic Apparatus - Shadow Prince (from “Divinity Original Sin 2”)

Suggested by RichGC.

RichGC - Mafia Boss Big Showdown (from “A Hat in Time”)

Suggested by Ro Panuganti.