Top Grooves from August 2019

Summer may be winding down for most of us, but the VGM scene is winding up with some amazing covers from the month of August. Feast your ears on these five fantastic covers from some of your favorite VGM artists!

Legendav - “A Woman (Madarame's Palace)” from Persona 5

First up, we have Legendav performing a rockin’ rendition of “A Woman” from Persona 5. I’ll admit it; I’m completely biased when it comes to the Persona 5 soundtrack so expect to see plenty more covers from that soundtrack in the future. Amazing source material aside, Legendav elevated this track by adding frenetic guitars to a dazzling masked performance.

DS Music ft. Tyler Jenkins - “The Gates of Hell" from Bayonetta

It’s no surprise that DS Music won the Pixel Mixers cover contest for August—just listen to this track! Adding Tyler Jenkin’s soulful trumpet over these melancholy chords was a stroke of genius, and the two give a performance that’s hard to match. If you’re not familiar with DS Music, do yourself a favor and check out his discography—he’s one of my favorite artists in the VGM scene, period.

Ro Panuganti - “Koopa Troopa Beach” from Mario Kart 64

Is there a more perfect time of the year for a “Koopa Troopa Beach” cover? The answer, of course, is no. Ro Panuganti adds complex time signatures, slide guitars, and sunglasses to the sun-soaked coarse from Mario Kart 64. Blue turtle shells be damned; Ro Panuganti is here to give us a good time.

insaneintherainmusic ft. Tyler Jenkins - “Piklopedia” from Pikmin 2

Tyler Jenkins appears once again on this list, courtesy of insaneintherainmusic. This track will take your breath away as the duo combines the aesthetic of Pat Metheny with the compositions of Hajime Wakai. This track is perfect for lazy Sunday afternoons.

Eric L. & Friends - “Destiny Islands” from Kingdom Hearts

Last, but certainly not least, Eric L. ended his Marathon Mode on a high-note with this Big Band arrangement of “Destiny Islands” from Kingdom Hearts. This video is more than a culmination of Eric’s hard work; it’s an extraordinary cover that sets a high bar for the VGM community as a whole. And, wait a minute, is that Tyler Jenkins again!?!

There you have it, folks. The best VGM covers from August 2019. Feel to add your own recommendations in the comments below!