GameGrooves Asks: Making Friends

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Recently, I asked the VGM community: “What is one important relationship that would not have formed without video game music?” Judging from the responses, the hardest part of answering this question was choosing just one person! I think most of us would agree that VGM has had a positive influence on our life, especially when it comes to making friends!

Ro Panuganti

I wouldn't be pushing myself so hard each mix and video without the Youtube musicians, especially the dozen guitarists I found in 2011. Still trying to match AHmusic’s detailed powerhouse mixes and creativity in arranging.


Well, that one is easy. The whole community of Pixel Mixers is now my dude/dudette. I made so many connections with the wonderful people there.

Dacian Grada

I have to say my buddies PrjzCalavera, and then thanks to him, Psamathes. Both I know through Pixel Mixers. Oh, and Ro Panuganti—they're all best collab buddies and came along for so many adventures (even more to come!) over the past few years! #vgm is awesome.

Allen Brasch

Ro Panuganti. He's been instrumental in my journey as a musician, a #VGM fan, and as a person. He's helpful, knowledgeable, and just an all-around good person.

To me, he's not just Ro Panuganti; he's Bro Panuganti.


Grateful always for the friendship Dale North has given me. He's an amazing composer, and an even better friend and mentor.

Kain White

Meeting Hashel through the early days of Pixel Mixers and then Psamathes and starting a monthly series of covers together. Both wonderful people.

Eric L.

Mine is Charles Ritz, no doubt about it. He's been nothing but supportive of all of my VGM shenanigans through the years, and I've made connections with so many great people and had amazing opportunities because of this man. Nothing but love for this man <3


I think on my end everyone was more or less mentioned already, but also adding 

Danilo Ciaffi for trusting me with one of my first collabs and helping me learn a thing or two about mixing/arranging. Also we had our meetup at a Distant Worlds concert!!!

As you can see, there’s a whole lot of love in the VGM community. Spread the love by sharing some of your favorite VGM friends in the comments below.